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    1. Supported Features

      ✓ ✓ UVWProjections ✓ ✓ (perspective & planar modes) Bitmap/Geometry cache ✓ ✓ VRay Renderable Curves set ✓ ✓ VRay custom user attributes ✓ ✓ (flat colors) Matte objects … ✓ – VRayParticleTex ✓ – VRayRaySwitch ✓ – VRayTriplanarTex ✓ ✓ (bitmaps only) VRayUserColor ✓ ✓ (no alpha attribute) VRayUserScalar ✓ ✓ (no alpha attribute
      V-Ray Next for MayaOct 21, 2019
    2. V-Ray Sun Light

      – Sets the color of the VRay Sun and Sky system's ground. Horizon Offset Angle – Allows the user to manually lower the horizon line. Horizon Blend Angle – Specifies … to travel through particles in the atmosphere, like smog (when the value is increased). This example shows how the Turbidity attribute is effected by the height
      V-Ray for HoudiniDec 16, 2019
    3. VRayPtex

      per frame. Image number – Specifies the frame number of the image to load. This attribute can be animated. Image Offset – Specifies a static offset to the image … to select the correct channel for Red, Blue and Green. When disabled, the user manually specifies which channel contains which information. Red/Green/Blue Channel
      V-Ray Next for MayaJun 27, 2018
    4. VRayTexOCIO

      This page provides information on the VRay OCIO Map. Overview VRayTexOCIO is a texture that allows the user to apply OpenColorIO http://opencolorio.org/ (OCIO … using OCIO. OCIO Configuration File – Allows the user to manually pick an OCIO configuration. If not specified, the OCIO environment variable is used. Inpit/Output
      V-Ray Next for MayaJun 27, 2018
    5. Geometry

      with VRay. See the links below for more information. Geometry objects and tools are available from a number of places in the user interface, most commonly from Create … . Modified Geometry These VRay tools modify geometry. Geometry Displacement Adds extra attributes for displacement. VRayNURBSTesselation Adds faces to a NURBS object
      V-Ray Next for MayaJul 12, 2018
    6. Output

      > Attribute Editor > Output rollout Parameters maya2018outputparameters.png Output Path Simulation Save Path outPath, outPathResolved – This is the directory … normals, open edges or other geometry issues. Output Particles The particle export parameters share a User Interface to keep the user interface compact. Each
      Phoenix FD 4 for MayaMar 02, 2020
    7. Import V-Ray Proxy

      version 3.0rc (night build revision 24745), because we had to mark the filename attribute with the flag usedAsFilename and Maya doesn't allow the user to enter … in the Attribute Editor. To see how to import a VRay Proxy using the "vrayCreateProxy" command, please refer to Scripting and Programming page. UI Path Create menu
      V-Ray Next for MayaJul 01, 2019
    8. V-Ray Frame Buffer

      including render history and lens effects. The VFB has many advantages: Allows the user to view all render elements in a single window and switch between them … the user to make comparisons between two renders. Provides the ability to save recent renders into history with comments. Allows the user to add color correction
      V-Ray Next for SketchUpApr 09, 2019
    9. Errors and Warnings Reference Guide

      to linear color space. Disable the color corrections for the file node used for normal mapping by selecting the file node, and in the Attribute editor, setting … set to GPU cache, VRay needs to be specifically instructed for the material to apply on the GPU alembic cache geometry. This is done with Extra VRay attributes
      V-Ray Next for MayaApr 26, 2018
    10. Material ID Color

      on the material ID Color parameter. To add the render element, you first need to add Material ID attribute from the Add Attribute button … a Material ID attribute to the material, an automatic Material ID Color is set, but you can change it from the Asset Editor and select the preferred ID Color
      V-Ray Next for SketchUpFeb 13, 2020