This page provides information on the Dome camera attributes that are part of the V-Ray Camera Attributes.


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Choosing the Dome camera option turns the camera into a VRayDomeCamera, making available options to flip the camera. Choosing this option also creates the Extra VRay Attributes rollout in the Attribute Editor.




UI Path:  ||Select camera|| > Attribute Editor >  Attributes menu > VRay > Dome camera



Dome Camera Attributes




Treat as VRay Dome Camera – Enables the options in the rollout.

Flip X – Flips the view around the X axis.

Flip Y – Flips the view around the Y axis.

FOV – Specifies the field of view for the VRayDomeCamera.


Add to node:

vray addAttributesFromGroup "perspShape" "vray_cameraDome" 1;





  • There are three types of FOV (field of view): horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Horizontal FoV depends on the film gate size, focal length, focus distance and zoom factor. In addition to those four parameters, the vertical and diagonal FOV depend on the image aspect ratio.