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The Bitmap texture allows a bitmap image to be applied as a texture.


File Specifies the file from which the bitmap will be loaded.

Filter Type – Specifies a type of filter to be applied to the bitmap.

No Filter – No filter will be applied.
– Applies a mip-map filter.
Summed-area – applies a summed-area filter.

Filter Blur – Specifies the strength of the blur filter applied to the bitmap.

Color Space – Specifies the type of color space used by the bitmap.

Gamma Corrected

Gamma – Specifies the gamma correction to be applied.






Invert Texture – When enabled, inverts the bitmap.

Invert Alpha – When enabled, inverts the bitmap alpha values.






Placement Type – Specifies the type of placement to be used.

Whole Texture – Uses the whole bitmap.
Crop – Uses a section of the bitmap.
Place – Adjusts of the position of the image.

Height – Scales the height of the bitmap. A value of 1 specifies the full height.

Width – Scales the width of the bitmap. A value of 1 specifies the full width.

Jitter Placement – Specifies the amount of displacement to be applied in order to produce better anti-aliasing.

Tile – Enables and disables tiling for the bitmap.


UV Noise



Animate – Enables and disables animation for the noise effect.

AmountControls the amount of noise.

SizeControls the scale of the noise function.

Levels – Controls the noise color distribution.

PhaseControls the speed of the noise procedural animation





UV Transformation – Applies transformations to the UV texture space.

Repeat – Specifies how many times to repeat the U or V spaces of the texture.
Offset – Specifies an amount to offset the U or V spaces.
Mirror – When enabled, the U or V spaces will be mirrored.
Rotation – Specifies the number of degrees to rotate the UV texture.


UVWGenChannel Parameters

UVWGenChannel – Allows modification for the geometry source's UVW data. 

Channel – Specifies the index of the mapping channel data to use. A value of -1 will take the first available channel.

Double-sided Mode – Enables both sides of the object to be affected by the UVW data.

UVWGenEnvironment Parameters

UVWGenEnvironment – Allows spherical, cube, etc. textures to be mapped on the environment color slot or dome lights.

Channel – Specifies the type and shape of the texture:

Mirror Ball
Spherical (Max)
Spherical (V-Ray)
Cylindrical (Max)
Shrink wrap (Max)

Direction Transformation – Applies transformations to the direction of the UVW texture.

Rotation – Specifies the amount to adjust the texture's horizontal or vertical rotation.
Repeat – Specifies how many times to repeat the texture horizontally or vertically.
Mirror – When enabled, the texture will be flipped along the specified axis.