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    1. 3.30

      with the progressive sampler and RT Updated the OpenSubdiv library to version 3.0 with faster subdivision performance VRayLightMesh now supports OpenSubdiv subdivision … for intensity curves with the Maya standard lights VRay RT GPU Improved AMD GPUs support Optimized bitmap memory management Improved light cache with support
      V-Ray Next for MayaApr 20, 2016
    2. Setup and Installation

      This page provides information on how to get VRay for Blender up and running. Overview This guide is to serve as a reference for installation of VRay for Blender. You can download the latest official version of VRay for Blender from http://www.chaosgroup.com http://www.chaosgroup.com/ with the account supplied to you b
      V-Ray for BlenderJun 25, 2019
    3. Setup and Installation

      This page provides some information on how to get VRay up and running. Installing VRay The VRay installer for Modo is straightforward and easy to follow. It can be downloaded from the VRay Downloads https://download.chaosgroup.com/ section of the Chaos Group http://www.chaosgroup.com website (make sure you use your log
      V-Ray Next for ModoMay 02, 2019
    4. 3.11.00

      data leaked when rendering a Particle Shader with Liquid Simulator and Render as Geometry Fire Opacity Multiplier was always exported as 1 with VRay RT Master … with the correct scale with VRay RT No Motion Blur with Grid Texture connected to a meshed Simulator's material Crash when rendering a Grid Texture that uses
      Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds MaxMay 28, 2019
    5. 3.20.01

      importers) Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the renderer settings VRay RT GPU Support for VRayEnvironmentFog; Added support for Composite map rendering … work with transparent and not Visible to Camera objects along the ray paths The render mask on selected objects is intersected by VRayLights Setting the Global
      V-Ray Next for 3ds MaxSep 14, 2017
    6. User Interface

      This page provides details on the VRay for Revit UI and how it is integrated into the Revit interface. Overview The VRay for Revit Ribbon gives you access to all of the settings and options that you will need with VRay. Revit2020NextUserInterfaceOverview.png View This allows you to select which one of the Revit 3D view
      V-Ray Next for RevitNov 29, 2019
    7. Chaos Group Telemetry

      This page provides information on the Chaos Group Telemetry program. Overview The VRay improvement program is based on telemetry. It allows Chaos Group to track general VRay usage statistics. The type of information that will be collected includes some parameter values people use most often, which will let Chaos Group
      V-Ray for UnrealDec 06, 2019
    8. Tutorials

      This page introduces stepbystep tutorials for VRay in Houdini. Workflow Tutorials Material Presets in VRay for Houdini Adding Displacement to Object Custom Data as UV Coordinates Fog and Environment Fog VRay and Render Farm Managers Using VRay for Houdini as Standalone HQueue and VRay Deadline and VRay
      V-Ray for HoudiniSep 12, 2019
    9. 3.40.02

      " to the "VRay Material" submenu “VRay RT” the option to render in viewport have been renamed to “VRay Interactive” The 'Progressive' switch button is now grayed out
      V-Ray Next for RhinoDec 27, 2018
    10. Interactive Rendering

      This page provides information on Interactive Rendering in VRay. Overview VRay Interactive is an interactive rendering engine for Rhino. To start using VRay Interactive, you can simply leftmouseclick the Interactive button from the main Asset Editor. You can always toggle the VRay Interactive renderer by clicking the I
      V-Ray Next for RhinoAug 23, 2019