This page provides details on using the Sun system available in V-Ray for Revit.


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The V-Ray Sun uses data from Revit to place the sun and render the image.

We support either of the following Revit capabilities:

Still solar study: uses the location of the project in conjunction with the time of day/year to accurately place the sun in the sky.

Lighting solar study: simple azimuth and altitude settings.


Sun Visibility

Invisible – Disables the sun’s visibility. 

When the V-Ray sun is off this makes the sun invisible, both to the camera and to reflections. This is useful to prevent bright speckles on glossy surfaces where a ray with low probability hits the extremely bright sun disk.

Main Settings


Intensity – The intensity multiplier for the VRaySun. Since the sun is very bright by default, you can use this parameter to reduce its effect.

Sun Size – Controls the visible size of the sun. This affects the appearance of the sun disc as seen by the camera and reflections, as well as the blurriness of the sun shadows.

Sun Filter – Shifts the hue of the Sun Light system towards the color specified in the field.

Ground Albedo

Albedo Color – Sets the ground color of the V-Ray Sun and Sky system.

Blend Angle – Specifies the angle in degrees where blending will occur between the horizon line and sky. Values close to 0.0 produce a sharper horizon line, while larger values produce a softer horizon line.

Horizon Offset – Allows the user to manually lower the horizon line.