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The RPC Proxies tab allows you to replace the standard Revit RPC models with more advanced and optimized V-Ray Proxies.

V-Ray Proxy imports geometry from an external mesh at render time only. The geometry is not present in the scene, and does not use up any resources. This allows the rendering of scenes with many millions of faces, more than Revit itself can handle.





RPC Proxies Disabled


RPC Proxies Enabled


The filter allows you to filter the list of RPCs based on the following options:


All – Shows all RPC families that are currently loaded into the Revit project file. 

Project – Shows all RPC families that are already placed into the Revit model.

Current View – Shows only those RPC families that are visible in the current view

RPCs can also be searched by name or material ID in the Filter search bar. Selecting a single or multiple RPCs in the Revit viewport activates the filter as well.

Show RPC Mapping – Applies a filter based on the proxy override. 

 All – Shows a list of all RPC families.

 Mapped – Shows a list of all RPC families which are currently overridden with a V-Ray Proxy.

 Unmapped – Shows a list of all RPC families which are not overridden with a V-Ray Proxy yet.


The .vrmesh is a special file format which contains all geometric information of a mesh, needed to render it - vertices and face topology, as well as texture channels, face material IDs, smoothing groups, normals, etc. In addition, the mesh is preprocessed and subdivided into chunks for easier access.


It is important to realize that the mesh is in a "ready to render" format, therefore no further modifications to its geometry are possible.


To override an RPC family with a V-Ray Proxy, click the checkbox next to the RPC name. A dialog box will appear allowing you to search for V-Ray Proxy (.vrmesh) or alembic (.abc) files. Once you have selected a file, the following options become available:

Scale – Allows you to scale the V-Ray Proxy.

Rotate – Allows you to rotate the V-Ray Proxy around its vertical axis.

Flip Axis – Allows you to flip the V-Ray Proxy around its horizontal axis.

Materials – Allows you to assign a Color or a V-Ray Material to the V-Ray Proxy.


For more information on how to use Material's Color or VRayMaterial, go to Material Map page