This page provides information on the V-Ray Dome Light.

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The Dome light illuminates the scene using either a solid color or an image (.exr or .hdr only).



UI Path:||Ribbon|| > V-Ray Tab > Lighting > Environment Light options > Dome Light








Use HDR Image




Intensity – Determines the light intensity.

Use HDR Image – When enabled, allows an .exr or .hdr image to light the scene instead of a solid color.


Dome Light Color Settings

This rollout is accessible by default but will be grayed out if Use HDR Image is enabled.

Color – Specifies a color for the dome light.

HDR Image Settings

This rollout is accessible when Use HDR Image is enabled.

Image Path – Specifies an .hdr or .exr image for scene lighting. You can also drag and drop the desired image into the V-Ray Dome Light window and it will automatically load it as an HDR image.

Rotate H – Specifies the rotation of the image in degrees.

Offset V – Specifies the vertical offset of the image. 

Horizontal () and Vertical () Flip buttons can flip the image in the desired direction.