This page provides information on the settings found in the V-Ray Global Settings window.


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The V-Ray Render Settings can be accessed through the Settings button on the V-Ray for Revit Ribbon. Here you can find both global as well as project specific settings (such as render elements, infinite ground plane and atmospheric effects).


UI Path: ||Ribbon|| > V-Ray tab > Settings




The Settings window is organized under several tabs. Each tab hosts a different set of settings:

  • Renderer – Specifies options for the render engine, GI, auto-save and optimizations
  • Channels – Render elements selector, including Z-Depth and Denoiser settings
  • Environment  – Contains options for atmospheric effects like aerial perspective and environment fog, as well as infinite ground plane settings
  • Paths & Sharing  – Asset paths configuration, V-Ray Scene export options as well as V-Ray settings sharing options
  • Swarm – Controls V-Ray Swarm distributed rendering settings
  • Licensing – Contains licensing and usage statistics options