This page provides information on the Global Materials tab in the V-Ray Asset Browser.


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The Global Materials tab allows you to override all project materials with one single color or V-Ray material in order to achieve a stylized conceptual rendering. The override is based on three categories: Opaque Materials, Transparent Materials, RPC Materials. For all three of them, the override options are the same.



Material Override


Opaque Material OverrideAllows you to use a premade opaque override material.

Transparent Material Override – Enables the premade transparent override material.

RPC Material Override – Enables the premade RPC override material. 

Color Override Mode

Override Mode – Allows you to select the type of the material to override with.

Color – Overrides the respective category using a color material. Use the color selector to set the desired color.

V-Ray Material - Overrides the respective category using a V-Ray material (.vrmat). When this option is selected, a browsing dialog appears prompting you to browse for a V-Ray material.

Transparency – Controls the transparency of the Color material, where 0 is non-transparent and 1 is entirely transparent. 

Glossiness Controls the glossiness of the Color material, where 1 is the maximum value.

Reflection – Controls the reflectivity of the Color material, where 0 is non-reflective surface and 1 is 100% reflective surface.

VRayMaterial Override Mode

To edit the V-Ray Material, use the Edit V-Ray Material button located next to the material name. This will launch the V-Ray Standalone Material Editor with the material loaded into it. 

Sample Size Width – Controls the width of the material. 

Sample Size Height – Controls the height of the material. 

Rotation – Controls the rotation of the material.

Missing Materials

Select colors to highlight geometries that are assigned a missing or invalid material at render time. This option helps you easily detect missing materials, in case they were moved to another folder or deleted, as well as, geometries that do not have a material assigned yet. 

V-Ray color selector  This color is used to render geometries that are assigned with a missing or invalid V-Ray material. 
Revit color selector   This color is used to render geometries that do not have an assigned material in Revit.