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This page provides information on the VRayRenderMask node.



The Render Mask node makes it easy to select a part of the image you would like to render. It is more exact than Render Region and offers more control. The rest of the pixels are left intact. 

The output should be connected to the scene node.



UI Path: ||Toolbar|| > V-Ray menu icon > Render > VRayRenderMask







tex – The input texture for when VRayRenderMask is in Texture mode.

obj - The input objects for when VRayRenderMask is in Objects Mode



Mode – Selects the type of render mask to use.

Texture – A texture map is used for the render mask.
Objects – The objects connected to the obj input will be rendered. Supports multiple objects by connecting the input to Scene node. 
Object Ids – Only objects with specified Object IDs will be rendered.






Texture Mode – Determines which channel will be used for the Render mask. Black values in the map define pixels which are not rendered. Pixels with any other values are rendered.






Object IDs – Only objects with specified Object IDs will be rendered. To list multiple Object IDs, separate them with a comma (,).