This page describes the various Extra V-Ray Attributes available in V-Ray for Maya and provides links to documentation for these features.

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V-Ray for Maya provides a number of extra attributes for controlling various aspects of the scene and rendering process. These attributes enhance existing V-Ray scene elements by providing additional controls.


Scene Objects

  • Mesh Attributes affect polygonal objects, mostly as render-time effects rather than affecting the actual geometry.
  • NURBS Surface Attributes control the conversion of a NURBS object to a mesh at render time to increase rendering speed or conserve memory.
  • Particle Attributes add parameters for Maya particle systems. 
  • Transform Attributes provide a few extra parameters for an object, such as excluding it from rendering.


Lights and Cameras

  • Camera Attributes can turn the virtual camera into many types of real-world cameras, and provides familiar camera controls such as shutter speed.
  • Light Attributes give control of light parameters that are ordinarily global on a per-light basis.


Materials and Shading