This page gives information about the Total Lighting Render Element.


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The Total Lighting Render Element is a color image that includes the effects of both direct and indirect lighting on materials in the scene, including the diffuse component. It is a result of adding the VRayLighting and VRayGlobalIllumination render elements, or of multiplying the VRayRawTotalLighting and VRayDiffuseFilter render elements.



UI Path


||Render Setup window|| > Render Elements  tab > Add button > VRayTotalLighting



This render element is enabled through the Render Elements tab of the Render Setup window in 3ds Max and displays its parameters in a rollout at the bottom of the window:



vrayVFB  – When enabled, the render element appears in the V-Ray Virtual Frame Buffer.

deep output – Specifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

color mapping – Applies the color mapping options specified in the  Color mapping  rollout of the V-Ray tab in the Render Setup window to this render element. This option is enabled by default.

multiplier – Sets the overall intensity of the render element, where 1.0 is the standard multiplier.

denoise –  Specifies whether to denoise this render element.


Common Uses

The Total Lighting Render Element is useful for brightening or dimming all lighting during compositing. Below are a couple of examples of its use.



Total Lighting Render Element


Original Beauty Composite




Brightened Lights


Tinted Lights




Compositing Formulas


VRayRawTotalLighting x VRayDiffuseFilter = VRayTotalLighting



VRayLighting + VRayGlobalIllumination = VRayTotalLighting