This page provides information on the various UI Modes for viewing parameter rollouts.

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V-Ray includes the ability to expand or contract the number of parameters that appear on certain rollouts to improve efficiency in setting parameters.

The V-Ray renderer has quite a few parameters that control various aspects of the rendering process. All the different parameters have their uses, but some are needed more often while some parameters need to be adjusted only in very specific situations. In order to reduce visual clutter and also make setup less daunting, some of the longer rollouts in the Render Setup dialog have three different views: Default, Advanced and Expert.

Default view – Enough to get most work done.
Advanced view
 – Useful for complicated workflows, or when access to more advanced options are needed.
Expert view
 – There is rarely need to open the Expert view. In most cases, changing Expert settings is not recommended.


Example: Default, Advanced and Expert Views of the Light Cache Rollout


The Default view shows the most commonly used options from a particular rollout needed for performing basic tasks.


The Advanced view shows nearly all available parameters that allow more complicated workflows.


Expert view adds options which are rarely used, used for debugging purposes only, or require deeper understanding of the underlying algorithm.





Switching Between Views

To toggle between views, look for the colored UI switcher field in the top right corner (labeled Default in the following image). Any rollout that can be switched has this colored field in the upper right corner.

Click the UI switcher field to cycle between the desired views: Default, Advanced, or Expert

Switching All Rollouts to Default/Advanced/Expert Views

Right-clicking on a UI switcher button allows to switch all rollouts of the V-Ray settings to Default/Advanced/Expert view: