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Official Release

Date – Dec. 06, 2017

DownloadBuild 3.60.03


New Features


  • Support for refractive/reflective materials
  • Cryptomatte now works in DR without local host
  • Added Cryptomatte support in .vrimg and single channel EXR files

Viewport 2.0

  • Added support for color per vertex shaders with MASH
  • Added support for VRayFur UVs


  • Option to ignore all image planes
  • Option to disable DR in IPR


Modified Features


  • zDepth render element infinity color is now always black
  • Color corrections will not be applied to integer and filter render elements
  • Improved Hypershade Material Viewer responsiveness
  • Maximal mip-map resolution is now inclusive


  • XGen caches will now use a single file

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed crashes related to swatch rendering
  • Fixed wrong ZDepth on pixels bordering the environment
  • Fixed random crashes with swatches on materials with tiled textures
  • Fixed slow IPR update when moving sun position
  • Fixed error when opening or rendering scenes with camera projected textures
  • Fixed IPR not detecting changes to the shadow bias attribute on standard lights


  • Fixed refraction with unclamped opacity


  • Fixed light getting cut off in VRayEnvironmentFog


  • Fixed VRmat converter outputting invalid .vrmat files


  • Fixed path issues when changing XGen cache location
  • Fixed render density multiplier not working with XGen Interactive Groomable Splines


  • Fixed slow swatch update

Viewport 2.0

  • Fixed wrong VRaySky preview in VP2
  • Fixed selection issue with VRayMesh in GPU preview mode


  • Fixed light linking with VRayFur from a referenced scene


  • Fixed a crash when changing global FOV camera override in IPR