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Official Release

Date – Apr. 26, 2017

DownloadBuild 3.52.02


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed resumable rendering not working with progressive sampling

  • Fixed watermarks appearing in batch rendering on some scenes
  • Fixed Incorrect Raw shadows/Shadows/Matte shadows render elements with adaptive lights

  • Fixed IPR not starting when resumable rendering was enabled

  • Fixed fatal error occurring with texture cache in some cases


  • Fixed camera position not updating with Camera Map Per Pixel map and an animated camera

V- Ray / VRayEnvironmentFog

  • Fixed artifacts with adaptive lights in certain situations

V- Ray / VRayRectLight

  • Fixed Incorrect render with scaled rectangle lights and velocity render element


  • Fixed incorrect normal bump result


  • Fixed artifacts on OSX with GPU acceleration

V-Ray GPU / VRayClipper

  • Fixed wrong renders with Camera rays only option enabled

V-Ray GPU / VRayDirt

  • Fixed VRayDirt with bias flickering in animations


  • Fixed a crash when changing texture file


  • Fixed a crash in IPR when attaching a texture on the VRayFur node


  • Fixed VRayToon not working with orthographic cameras


  • Fixed XGen caches not working on layers other than the default