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Official Release

Date – Mar. 29, 2017

DownloadBuild 3.52.01


New Features


  • Adaptive lights

  • Resumable rendering

  • ALSurface shader support

  • In-Process IPR

  • Glossy Fresnel option

  • Added new Render mask mode: Isolate Selection

  • Support for Interactive Groomable Splines in Maya 2017

  • Implemented AOV callbacks for 2017 Render setup

  • VRayScene node can now use a sequence of .vrscene files and load them automatically on frame change

  • Added integer user attributes

  • Support for negative focus distance values for the V-RayStereoscopic camera

  • Added a switch texture to VRayMultiSubTex

  • Added a checkbox that disables render elements in IPR

  • Added raw filter elements for the diffuse, reflection and refraction channels


  • Added an ability to select scene objects from the VFB window

  • Added an option to select object material directly from the VFB window

  • Added an option to pick focus point by clicking on the VFB window


  • Support for adaptive lights in CUDA (both in production and in IPR)

  • Optimized the V-Ray Material in Maya

  • Support for the directionality attribute of the Rect Light

  • Support for Render ID render element in GPU

  • Support for Render mask

  • Support for matte materials shadow catcher

  • Ability to load precalculated Irradiance Map GI cache files

  • Support for velocity render element

  • Support for Atmosphere render element

  • Support for physical camera distortion

  • Added a low thread priority option


  • Added Start IPR button to the VFB
  • Added Pause IPR button to the VFB
  • Use Project Path option in V-Ray VFB render history settings
  • Implemented hardware accelerated lens effects

V-Ray GPU / VRayStochasticFlakesMtl

  • Added GPU support

V-Ray GPU / VRayAerialPerspective

  • Added GPU support

V-Ray GPU / VRayClipper

  • GPU support for the planar VRayClipper


Modified Features


  • Speed improvements for the Hypershade material viewer

  • Simplified image sampler options to bucket and progressive

  • No layer token will be added for absolute paths without an explicit token

  • Ability to delete/select VRaySun and VRaySky from the right click menu on the VRay shelf

  • Swatch rendering in parallel

  • VRayMesh file info in the VRayMesh node's UI

  • Print a warning when a texture with color corrections is used as normal map

  • The rollout borders now follow the size of the Render Settings window

  • Adjusted the Quick Settings to account for use local subdivs
  • Faster rendering of particle streaks
  • Support XGen delta files in export
  • Make geometry type in VRay Proxy node keyable
  • Add an option to include render elements in deep files
  • Ptex baker now obeys color clamping controls
  • Post translate python script now supports the new render setup layer overrides
  • Read user/group permissions from home folder when installing with sudo

  • The progressive sampler now finishes the current pass when the given Render time is surpassed

  • Fixed slow compile geometry phase on particular scenes

  • The noise level channel for vdenoise.exe can also be named VRayNoiseLevel

  • Denoiser now doesn't save the extra files when split channels saving is enabled

  • Fallback to %temp% folder for assets transfer if VRAY_ASSETS_CACHE_PATH does not exist
  • Add the ability to abort writing to vrscene files and also print the progress

  • Hint on how to see the vray -help when argument parsing has failed

  • Draw the alpha channel during the undersampling phase of the progressive sampling and V-Ray GPU rendering

  • Support for interpolating geometry data for heterogeneous Alembics with velocity channel


  • More responsive IPR: Abort immediately on scene change


  • Added on-demand texture loading in the GPU

  • Lower CPU memory usage when rendering instances

  • Lower CPU and GPU memory usage when rendering textures

  • Solid reflective material getting alpha dropouts

  • Optimized sampling of materials with bump maps

  • Optimized TexBezier texture

  • Optimized Rounded edges rendering

  • Support the Shadow option of MtlWrapper

  • Support for UVW coordinates type in VRaySamplerInfo render element

  • Native particles systems support (not only from Alembic)

  • Support VRayUserColor to be used for mapping channels

  • Fixed TexLayered not exporting alpha when [Alpha is Luminance] is on

  • Changes on materials with baked texture are going to be reflected quicker

  • Support for Maya projection zoom camera_view parameter

  • Implemented VRayClipper retrace

  • Optimized VDenoise OpenCL version

  • Print a warning that GPU only supports bitmaps in vrayTriplanar

  • Print the OpenCL Driver version in the log

  • Print a warning when max sample level is set to 0

  • Print a warning when there is a render element that's not supported on the GPU

  • Improved GPU utilization when the number of active pixels is too low


  • The displaySRGB parameter is now exported to .vrscene.

  • Added Reset V-Ray VFB position option to the Show V-Ray VFB shelf button

  • Moved the history image compare buttons from the main toolbar to history toolbar

  • Changed the default values of the Lens Effects

  • Add VFB toolbar button for copying the current channel to clipboard

  • Increase default VFB history maximum files count to 100 and the size on disk in MB to 10000

V-Ray Instancer

  • Improved random by render ID


  • Add abort on OpenCL error for vdenoise.exe

  • Add -verboseLevel option for vdenoise.exe

  • Add -frames option to the vdenoise.exe tool that allows to specify the frames to process


  • img2tiledexr now stores its version and build date into the converted OpenEXR files


  • Enable support for multiple include paths in OSL


  • Hide objects that are not visible directly from camera frustum

  • Redesigned the VRayScene Manager

  • Support for the multiplier parameters under the Additional Surface Properties rollout of the node

  • Follow the displace/subdiv settings

  • Support for light linking

  • Support for the exclude list of the VRayExtraTex render element

  • Support for Subdivs mult in the additional surface properties of the vrscene node


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed missing shadows with motion blurred curves loaded in V-Ray Proxy

  • Fixed static vrscene nodes with animated translations not producing motion blur

  • Fixed Color Correction plugin textures not working as DomeTex

  • Fixed white bitmaps being loaded with channel values greater than 1.0

  • Fixed an error when creating thumbnails using textures mapped to environment variable

  • Fixed a crash when loading a specific .vrscene file with alembic hair

  • Fixed the Light Meter locator not displaying in Viewport 2.0

  • Fixed VRaySun created from Maya Light Lister having no target

  • Light Lister now refreshes on new scene and scene open
  • Fixed wrong UVs with Ornatrix

  • Locking the Enable/Disable light checkbox didn't allow to isolate another light

  • The Strip Paths option now strips paths for included .vrscene files

  • Fixed flickering when rendering with precalculated irradiance map in animation mode

  • Fixed uninverted normal maps not showing as uninverted in DR

  • Cached geometry between renders didn't detect changes to openSubdiv added to displacement node

  • The softMinValue and softMaxValue were not set for shaders created from V-Ray Plugin

  • Fixed a crash with samplerInfo as a material switch and V-Ray Proxy

  • Fixed IPR not working for VRay zip installation with spaces in the folder name

  • Fixed erroneous orange coloration of Render Elements enabled attribute when created on a new render layer

  • Maya image planes now work correctly in IPR

  • Fixed offset controls of ParticleTex UI

  • Removed irrelevant by node handle option from VRayMultiSubTex

  • Fixed error when Maya Assembly loads V-Ray Proxy representation

  • Fixed Ptex baking crash when baking an animation

  • Fixed incorrect dimming of buttons inside the DR settings window

  • Fixed a crash when V-Ray is set as renderer in the Hypershade's material preview

  • Fixed UV offset/distortion with UDIM textures at different camera angles

  • Fixed a crash when changing VRayObjectProperties parameter on a proxy when in IPR

  • Fixed Maya Fluids with Auto Resize having wrong texture mapping when the node is scaled

  • Fixed Maya Fluids with Auto Resize having wrong texture mapping in animation

  • Fixed PTex baking with V-Ray Proxy

  • Support for object visibility flags in Alembic files

  • Fixed ScriptJob getting called in loop on cameraChange event

  • Fixed transmission Parameters for Hair Material getting cut off in UI

  • Fixed tiled TIFF files never getting closed on Windows

  • Fixed post translate python callback value not being saved on close in Maya 2017

  • Fixed warnings when unloading V-Ray in MayaPy

  • Fixed a crash when baking PTex on proxy

  • Fixed proxy GPU preview not redrawing during playback in Viewport 2.0

  • GPU Production mode now takes the correct Brute Force GI Depth value

  • Fixed errors when referencing scene with VRayTexOSL nodes in it

  • Fixed incorrect Motion blur interval center for Alembic animation with changing topology

  • Fixed an error when opening the Ptex options window a second time

  • Fixed new transform node creation for already removed Proxy objects when scrubbing the timeline

  • Fixed wrong shadows with Ptex baking

  • Fixed BRDFVrayMtl rendering black when the refraction color is white

  • Fixed issues when importing VRayFlakes, VRayStochasticFlakes, and Mtl2sided materials from a 3Ds Max .vrscene

  • Fixed BlendMtl not importing correctly from .vrscene file from 3Ds Max

  • Fixed a crash when Hypershade is opened and there is a missing .vrmat file

  • Fixed broken Render mask controls

  • Fixed GI Ray distance slider missing with certain settings

  • Fixed a crash when starting IPR right after Viewport IPR

  • Fixed slow Viewport 2.0 updates when scrubbing the timeline with many proxies (not animated)

  • Fixed XGen cache script error when exporting to .vrscene

  • Fixed a memory leak with Ornatrix for Maya and V-Ray

  • Material preview renderer now pauses correctly when Viewport IPR starts

  • Fixed wrong motion blur with alembic via proxy containing coinciding objects

  • IPR now does not attempt to create folders for saving image output

  • Fixed Ornatrix Hair from Mesh Strips not respecting width settings

  • Fixed strange Motion Blur behavior with alembic files

  • Fixed an exception when rendering a scene with max threads more than physically available

  • Fixed VRayPlaceEnvTex horizontal and vertical rotation parameters not working in batch rendering

  • Missing motion blur on alembic with instanced geometry

  • Fixed a crash when subdividing proxy and wrong merging of mapping channels

  • Support drawing new XGen Interactive Groomable Splines with V-Ray materials in the viewport

  • Fixed separate export of vrscenes for materials, textures, and bitmaps when exporting the nodes wasn't checked

  • Fixed a crash and wrong renders with animated proxy and CUDA

  • Fixed a crash when creating frame expression as switch texture for MultiSubTex

  • Ornatrix UV coords were not exported sometimes

  • Fixed a crash on executing the vfbControl command with "-historycomment" argument

  • Added an option to get RenderElements names from their node names

  • Fixed scheduling issues and lockups on machines with groups enabled
  • Exporting vrscene to separate files will not be allowed with DR
  • Fixed non existing paths not being created relative to the project path on Linux and OSX

  • Fixed some machines not loading IFL files when accessing them from shared location


  • IPR didn't start if the frame is negative

  • Fixed missing alpha pixels with matte/shadow plane

  • Fixed fatal error when baking multiple objects with CUDA

  • Fixed overexposed lighting when rendering with V-Ray GPU

  • Fixed the specular contribution not getting adjusted by the fog attenuation


  • Fixed override data is not obtained by third-party plugins

  • Fixed Object ID override not working with VRayScatter

  • Override by type now doesn't mask override by name

  • Fixed Instancer from vrscene not being visible

  • Fixed set new material on Node not working

  • Fixed crash with Node without material

  • Fixed Node override info being stored only for first VRayScene instance

  • Multiple <*> patterns are now handled correctly

  • Maya's project path is now taken into account

  • Lights are now cloned for all instances

  • Fixed a crash with VRayScatter inside

  • Fixed animation overrides not working for loop mode

  • Fixed per particle rgbPP attributes on Instancer not rendering from a VRayScene node

  • Fixed the VRayScene node axis getting reset to 0,0,0 if Animation Overrides are enabled

  • Animation overrides were affecting the preview animation without Use Animation Overrides being active

  • Fixed GeomPlane not rendering

  • VRaySun and domeLight with texture have incorrect up vector

  • Fixed override by name

  • Overwriting a texture with another one using snippets was fixed


  • Fixed errors when loading a referenced scene with a VRayMesh without a preview node


  • Fixed Maya 2017 using 100% of 1 core when the VFB window is opened

  • Changing channels in VFB while docked and rendering is now possible

  • Fixed VFB region changing its position if Viewport IPR is started

  • Fixed vertical lines appearing in VFB when comparing rendered images

  • Fixed history Settings dialog being inaccessible for some desktop configurations

  • The Close button on the History settings window was not clickable

  • Fixed overlapping slider and components in the CC window

  • Fixed the VFB not respecting the VRAY_VFB_LUT_FILE env variable

  • Fixed apparent moving of a point in the curves color correction window


  • Fixed artifacts with mesh as clipper

  • Fixed crashes with animated clipper with motion blur after rendering the first frame


  • Fixed bright pixels in the Specular render element with stochastic flakes material


  • Fixed black Viewport 2.0 preview with VRayDirt

Texture Baking

  • Displacement and subdivision are now respected when baking on point clouds


  • VRayUserInt texture didn't work correctly with the VRaySwitchMtl material


  • Fixed Maya fluids not generating emissive lights


  • Fixed broken file conversion to EXR