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Date – May 31, 2016

DownloadBuild 3.40.01


New Features


  • Add V-Ray Denoiser Render Element

  • ExtraTexInt / ExtraTexFloat Render Element similar to ExtraTex, but for integer/float textures

  • Support for integer user attributes

  • Add another deep fragment merge mode, "None", where fragments are not merged at all

  • VRayMultiSubTex texture like in 3ds Max

  • Add a section in the render settings for controlling the cache size for tiled textures


  • Support for Maya 2016 Extension 2 (2016.5)
  • Rendering support for PartIO Visualizer (see

  • Added support for spriteNumPP parameter of particle systems

  • Support for animating the "Eye Distance" and "Focus Distance" parameters of the V-Ray Stereoscopic Camera


  • Initial support for bump mapping with procedural textures

  • Orthogonal camera support

samplerInfo node

  • Added new float output that returns a random number by geometry shell for meshes


  • Support for colored flakes texture


  • Filter color for the VRayAerialPerspective


  • Per spline texture mapping


  • Support for foam particles in Maya 2016


Modified Features


  • Faster rendering with the light cache

  • Faster rendering of objects visible behind multiple panes of glass

  • Enabled support for processor groups by default

  • Support for the -rep option of Maya batch rendering command

  • Made the 2016 Material Viewer to use low thread priority

  • The default tessellation mode for displacement/subdivision is now "pre-tessellated"

  • Better warning messages when unsupported texture is connected to some plug


  • Faster light updates

  • More responsive updates

  • Region changes without restarting the render are now possible

  • Decreased the initial resolution for undersampling


  • Improved auto texture resizing for better memory usage and quality

  • Support for the Bias attributes for VRayDirt


  • Improved importance sampling algorithm, removed the "texture subdivs" parameter


  • Try to preserve already attached materials when changing the proxy file


  • Hair preview

  • Support for visibility overrides

  • Support for render layer material overrides


  • Added attribute for ground blending

  • Added vertical offset for the sky texture


  • Faster strand generation for fur

VRayFur styler

  • Added option for symmetric painting


  • Improved sampling for GGX BRDF

  • Exposed the opacity for VRayMtl for lookDev view in the Property Editor

V-Ray Object Properties

  • Warnings related to visibility lists now print more information

V-Ray Shelf

  • Extended the Create V-Ray Toon button to allow VRayToon node selections


  • Implemented auto-reduction of the VRayVolumeGrid preview

Material Viewer

  • Added support for the new "tumbling camera" in Maya 2016.5

Texture Baking

  • Added dropdown for selecting UV set in V-Ray baking options


  • Added support for the Light Editor in Maya 2016.5

  • Added elliptical filtering options to File node

Maya Hair

  • Added a parameter to limit the minimum width of hair strands


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed negative pixel values in specific scenes

  • Fixed random render results on a specific scene with Embree enabled

  • Fixed differently colored surface patches with 2D displacement mapping in specific scene

  • *.exr image files were saved with incorrect pixel aspect ratio metadata

  • The default OpenSubdiv depth is now 2

  • The Renderable camera list is not refreshed


  • Using GPU as production with DR will print a warning

  • Fixed wrong shading for light cache with displacement, subdivision and VRayProxy

  • Fixed slow rendering of motion-blurred hair with light cache

  • Fixed high memory usage with proxies, hair, particles, displacement and subdivision in animation

  • Fixed crashes and leaks with displacement, subdivision and proxy

V-Ray IPR Viewport

  • Fixed V-Ray IPR viewport rendering only a region in the lower left corner


  • Fixed VRayScene node randomly failing to load IES files

  • Node visibility was not handled properly

  • Fixed error when loading files with "." in the name

  • VRayScene node was deleted with the Delete History command

  • Relative paths are only resolved for the first loaded .vrscene

  • Fixed fatal error with imported .vrscene files and Render Stats


  • Fixed slow rendering for Alembic files with motion blur enabled (specific scene only)

  • The GPU preview didn't work properly with instancing

  • The GPU Mesh preview should disable the Alembic subdivision

  • Added support for V-Ray user attributes when displaced/subdivided

  • The shader names were not always set correctly with "use full names"

  • Fixed wrong hair vertices in GPU preview


  • Bucket rendering with Fixed/Adaptive sampler was very slow in MacOS ElCapitan


  • Now shows up in the Atmospheric Render Element


  • Multiply by light color doesn't work in temperature mode

  • Multiply by the light color option always renders green light


  • Fixed infinite recursion with SSS2, raytraced single scatter and surfaceLuminance

  • Scene renders differently with render elements enabled vs. disabled


  • Fixed wrong result with mapped Hilight Glossiness


  • Fixed very high memory usage while rendering in V-Ray IPR viewport

  • Fixed crash when deleting VrayFur properties node while rendering in IPR


  • Fixed wrong parameter label in the VRaySky texture


  • Fixed not refreshing connections when a material is drag-and-dropped from Hypershade in 2016

  • Fixed material connections not refreshing with Copy Tab

  • Fixed issues with the Maya Attribute Editor


  • The VRayTriplanar texture doesn't properly show it's UV placement attribute


  • Fixed issue with multiple VRayFalloff textures attached to a material


  • The voxel preview did not update when changing loadNearest and flipUpAxis

  • Frame blending did not work properly with VRayVolumeGrid grid that changes size

  • Fixed animation rendering garbage after the cache sequence ends

  • Fixed wrong shading with Geometry Volumetric render mode in MultiMatte render element

  • Two VRayVolumeGrid in a vrscene sharing a cache with offset animation rendered the same frame


  • Fixed wrong Instancer primary visibility per particle override with specific scene

  • Fixed invalid colors with the Cook-Torrance BRDF

  • Fixed Material override extra attributes not updating properly in a specific case

  • Fixed Material override extra attributes not refreshing when accessed from VRaySwitchMtl

Maya Batch

  • Fixed wrong exit code when VRAY_TERMINATE_ON_FRAME_END is enabled and a license error occurs

  • Command-line width/height override flags were not taken into account


  • Fixed crash when trying to render as VRayMetaball

  • Better support for Bifrost Aero


  • Animated Alembic archives were always looped