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Official update

Date – April 15, 2016

DownloadBuild 3.30.02


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed OpenSubdiv slow-down with meshes missing uv/color data in some areas

  • Fixed invalid colors produced by the subdivision for meshes with zero-length normals

  • Layer overrides were not working on the "Renderable Camera" option

  • The GUI license was not released immediately after .vrscene export without rendering

  • Renderable curves now don't impose 2000 segments limit

  • The progressive sampler didn't change the AA type in baking for big textures to preserve memory

  • Local subdivs have been disabled for swatch rendering

  • Fixed a crash with tiled OpenEXR and TIFF files on Linux

  • Fixed a crash when exporting vrscene file on Linux

  • Fixed undo not working after vrayUpdateVRayCommonGlobalsTab command

V-Ray RT Viewport

  • Fixed issues with the camera pan and zoom

V-Ray RT / GPU

  • Fixed a crash with the GPU production render


  • The color corrections were always applied to single channel EXR

Quick Settings

  • The sampling values were not matching the new V-Ray defaults


  • Fixed a crash in batch on Linux when the proxy file fails to load

  • The proxy material was not changing the current material connection properly

  • The shader names in the proxy material were not always set correctly with "use full names"

  • Fixed slowdown with alembic in a specific scene

  • Fixed a crash with alembic particles when scrubbing in Viewport 2.0


  • The .vrscene file was not released after loading

  • The viewport preview was not updated for animated scenes


  • Fixed the registering in the Maya's File Path Editor

  • Fixed random artifacts with the heat haze render mode

  • Fixed the heat haze render mode to work with the probabilistic rendering option


  • Fixed error message appearing when assigning texture to VRayLightDome


  • Fixed slow rendering with GI


  • Fixed invalid colors produced in some rare cases


  • Fixed missing subdivs slider


  • Fixed wrong rendering if there are empty sub-material slots


  • Fixed artifacts with the "Random..." options on Linux/OSX

  • Fixed slow rendering when used for displacement

  • Fixed texture offset and rotation now work


  • Fixed issue causing the usage of geometry normals instead of smooth normals for opaque objects


  • Animating transform will not trigger geometry export in Maya 2016


  • Previous versions of V-Ray could not be uninstalled properly on OSX
  • Windows Installer was missing vraymayaspawner.exe in standalone install mode