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Date – February 26, 2016

DownloadBuild 3.30.01


New Features


  • New adaptive sampling algorithm for better detection and clean-up of noise in the image

  • Added option for automatic subdivs calculations for materials and lights

  • Better GI distribution (more robust handling of reflective GI caustics) for interior scenes

  • Better sub-pixel filtering for the progressive sampler

  • Dynamic noise threshold for the progressive sampler for more even noise distribution

  • Internal spectral color space switched from CIE RGB to sRGB

  • General speed improvements

  • Ability to use the GPU for production rendering

  • Support for Ornatrix beta

  • Implemented raytraced rounded corners that work also at intersections of different meshes

  • New Multi Matte ID render element

  • Material select render element works with volume shaders assigned to shading groups

  • Write the VFB stamp information in the OpenEXR metadata

  • Support the standard Scene Assembly options in the Render Settings

  • Batch Render supports -iip (ignore image planes) flag

  • Support for animation (bezier) curves as remap texture nodes;


  • Support for Projection node

  • Support for VRay User Scalar/Color

  • Support for bitmap aperture to the physical camera

  • Support for VRaySwitchMtl

  • Initial support for GLSL texture shaders

  • Support for hair and particles from VRayProxy objects

  • Speed up loading of resized textures to the GPU


  • Ability to load color corrections from VFB history

  • Ability to export the color corrections settings as single LUT (.cube) file


  • New Maya node that allows import of an entire .vrscene file as one object with a viewport preview

VRaySun / VRaySky

  • New sky model (Hosek et al)

  • Added ground color parameter


  • New aerial perspective atmospheric effect


  • New texture that creates a falloff gradient based on the viewing direction, fresnel effect, etc.


  • New texture for triplanar mapping


  • New stochastic flakes material for car-paint like materials


  • Ability to clip against arbitrary meshes


  • Added a GPU preview mode for faster viewport performance and less memory consumption


  • Added a viewport preview of the grid content

  • Added ability to customize the import of the native vdb/f3d channels

  • Implement support for nameless VDB channels

  • Added support for importing VDB caches from FumeFX 4

  • Added options for probabilistic volume sampling


  • Enabled support for sRGB and gamma correction profiles


  • Added support for Hair, Cook-Torrance, GGX and subsurface BRDFs

  • GLSL shaders are now compiled to binary code through LLVM for increased render speed

Texture Baking

  • The Ptex texture baking now works with V-Ray proxy objects

  • Ability to bake objects as a particle cloud to a .vrmesh file

File node

  • Implemented support for signed integer TIFF images


  • Ability to override the visibility, object id, frame, user float/color of the instanced objects using per particle attributes

samplerInfo node

  • Added new output that returns random color per instance


  • Added support for displacement, subdivision and VRayUserColor

  • Added support for frame animation of archive

  • Added the ability to cache XGen collections to .vrscene and general export performance improvements


  • Support for the new Look Development shading nodes and simplexNoise in Maya 2016 Ext1

  • Added the lens effects filter generator tool in the installation

Modified Features


  • Optimized UI and new default Render Settings options

  • Faster rendering of particle system with sphere/point rendering mode

  • Ability to handle more than 1000 UDIM tiles per UDIM texture

  • Improved multi-threaded performance for UDIM textures

  • Better management of many tiled OpenEXR and TIFF files

  • Faster activation of the mouse tracking with the progressive sampler and RT

  • Updated the OpenSubdiv library to version 3.0 with faster subdivision performance

  • VRayLightMesh now supports OpenSubdiv subdivision

  • Object select render element can work with more than one object ID

  • Support for per instance unshared UV sets

  • VRAY_TERMINATE_ON_SEQUENCE_END environment variable that terminates the process after a sequence is finished rendering

  • Support the viewport wireframe color object override for V-Ray lights
  • Made it easier to call V-Ray MEL commands from Python
  • Added UI options for creating empty sets for all V-Ray object properties in the Create/V-Ray menu and in the V-Ray shelf buttons
  • Support for intensity curves with the Maya standard lights


  • Improved AMD GPUs support

  • Optimized bitmap memory management

  • Improved light cache with support for motion blurred hairs

  • Optimized the "Compiling geometry..." phase on scenes with many nodes

  • Optimized material rendering

  • Print warning for unsupported textures


  • Prevent kernel recompilations while RT is running


  • Added new options to the vfbControl command to fully control the VFB window form MEL

  • Use Maya's native open/save dialogs in the VFB

  • Added tooltip with the image comment to the images in the VFB history

  • Adding/removing render elements will not delete the contents of the frame buffer


  • Support for more then two motion blur samples with Alembic files

  • Faster point cloud rendering

  • Ignore the subdivision attributes of Alembic files when making a Maya mesh


  • Added a global "scale" parameter that affects the length, the thickness, the gravity and the density of the fur

VRayDisplacement / Subdivision

  • The "Static geometry" attribute was renamed to "Geometry generation"

Render Settings

  • The translator default path now doesn't expand the layout

  • Added an option to globally turn on/off subdivision surfaces, hair, proxies, particles and plugin geometry


  • Support for IES files with the latest format LM-63-2002

VRayMtl / VRayBumpMtl

  • Added new "local space bump map" mode


  • The refraction now terminates rays based on the "Max transparency levels" option (it was hard-coded limit previously)


  • Added a disk shape option for the rectangle light


  • Apply the OCIO correction to its output color attribute


  • Introduced -mergeShaders switch to merge shaders from different files with equal names


Bug Fixes


  • Rendering .vrscene files over 4 GB with DR was not working correctly

  • Fixed infinite "Render interrupted" messages when rendering with IPR and no render machines are available

  • Fixed difference in rendering with motion blur, geometry samples > 2 in DR

  • The VRAY_TERMINATE_ON_FRAME_END environment variable now terminates the application properly with exit code 0

  • Improve the precision of mapping for 3D textures

  • Fixed rare crash when computing mip-map levels for non-square textures

  • Missing error when parting vrscene with missing include file

  • OpenSubdiv was not working with color sets

  • OpenSubdiv was crashing when subdividing faces with holes;Fixed random OpenSubdiv results with non-manifold geometry

  • Crash with OpenEXR files using custom data windowFixed UI issues with V-Ray windows on high resolution monitors

  • Support for the "Local" attribute of the place3dTexture

  • Fixed crash with NURBS when rendering with changing FormU/V

  • Fixed texturing with NURBS

  • The ramp texture didn't export proper .vrscene with mixed number/texture positions

  • Running vrend always printed "Error Cannot get the object for the current render layer", even if there is no error

  • Maya's particle "Tail Fade" parameter is not respected when rendering

  • Fixed the "Multi Matte" RE when used with blend material, the two sided material or renderable curves material

  • The Material ID of the base material was ignored when used in VRayMtlWrapper and VRayMtlRenderStats

  • Fixed the -crop option of the stand-alone

  • Fixed incorrect deep images when EXR Compression is None

  • Fixed "Affect Swatches" to not apply gamma when SynColor is on in Maya 2016

  • Fixed an issue with the Bifrost export when using network install

  • Opening a scene with material select render element was crashing sometimes

  • Fixed slow rendering with mb embree hair on Linux

  • Fixed incorrect undo/redo with the "Color Mode" of the V-Ray lights

V-Ray RT

  • The SSS prepass was rendered after the frame is done destroying the image, if the object-based illumination map is used

  • The stereoscopic camera was rendered wrong

  • The "Post Render Frame MEL" was not called, which caused issues with other plugins that are expecting it

  • Fixed slow refreshing with large resolutions

V-Ray RT Viewport

  • Disable writing the output image

  • Disable the gamma correction if running in Viewport 2.0 and the gamma correction there is turned on

  • Fixed registering as a viewport renderer in Maya when the OpenGL core profile is used


  • VRayFlakesMtl was rendered black in some cases

  • "Cast shadows" was not working

  • UDIM textures were not transferred for DR when using the GPU

  • Fixed wrong results with textured VRayLights

  • Texture baking could produce incorrect results after a regular render

  • Removed artifacts caused by overlapping faces on VRayProxy objects with motion blur

  • MultiMatte render element was not working when rendering with motion blur

  • Displaced geometry was not included in the light cache

  • Incorrect render result on machines with more than one GPU when Maya Gamma correct node is used

  • The decay rates of the point light was not supported

  • Fixed different results compared to CPU with refraction colours larger than 1.0

  • Fixed darkening in corners when using the light cache with "retrace" option

  • VRayFur didn't render with textures in the material

  • Portal lights blocked shadows from other lights

  • Scenes with very large light cache were rendered slow

  • Subdivision and displacement normals were flipped with negative scaling

  • Unsupported procedural textures were not baked into bitmaps


  • Optimized memory allocation when loading scenes with many textures


  • Fixed crash if you save a comment with more than 1024 symbols in the VFB history

  • Fixed crash with huge font sizes for the frame stamp

  • The history was not properly refreshed after autosave from IPR

Render Settings

  • Fixed issues with the order of the render element list

  • Light cache didn't add automatically extension to the cache file


  • Fixed wrong reflection filter render element with GGX BRDF

  • Black Diffuse color broke the Affect Channels for Refractions


  • Splotches with GI when SSS2 is layered with a reflective BRDF


  • Fixed crash in some cases


  • Fixed slow rendering with Transmission Glossiness Length and Width set to 1


  • The "Direct illumination" option didn't work with mapped "Light multiplier"


  • Fixed various issues with the shader list update


  • VRayUserColor with UV set names didn't work

  • Fixed crash when a compile error message size exceeds 512

  • GLSL had access only to the first texture map


  • Fixed artifacs with particular geometry


  • Export a proper uvw generator instead of the default one


  • Wrong rendering when using more then 3 colors in the gradient


  • Displacement was not applied to the entire object when it has multiple shaders assigned

  • Fixed crash with VRay Edges used as displacement and "Show Subtriangles" option is ON


  • Node was not rendered without an assigned material

  • Node was not working with VRayVertexColor


  • Added velocity multiplier parameter for alembic proxies

  • Fixed a crash when exporting a scene with a lot of objects

  • Selecting both the transform and shape node of an object and exporting to proxy was making a duplicate of all the faces within the proxy file

  • Shape nodes were not correctly numbered when importing multiple proxies

  • Fixed slow OpenSubdiv subdivision with many voxels

  • The proxy import window didn't detect sequences with the <frameNN> token

  • Fixed crash with displacement on proxy that does not have smooth vertex normals

  • Fixed crash with motion blur and VRayVertexColor texture used as a texture for a mesh light based on a proxy

  • Fixed double illumination on SSS material covered by a transparent material when both are applied on the same proxy object

  • Fixed crash with alembic hair when colors are missing and the UVs doesn't match the number of vertices

  • Fixed crash with alembic file if it fails to load normally

  • Fixed slow change of the scene time for static meshes with "Geometry to load" set to "Maya mesh"


  • The texture for the line width was clamped to 1.0 internally causing different results compared to V-Ray 3.0


  • the normals render element didn't work with the trunc sampler or probabilistic sampling

  • Incorrect rendering of Maya fluids and VRayVolumeGrid with big step size

  • Fixed incorrect position changes with animated .vdb caches

  • Fixed rendering of speed channel from .f3d/.vdb caches

  • Fixed artifacts with grid-based self-illumination with DR

  • Field3D caches over 4GB were not loaded

Texture Baking

  • Artifacts with baking of large scale scenes

  • Loading the default VRay settings in Maya does not reset the baking engine

  • Ptex baking surfaces with bump maps produced shading artifacts

  • The baking engine controls were not updated when a preset is loaded


  • Fixed issue when rendering in batch mode XGen collections inside a namespace

  • Fixed render canceling when there is XGen collection in the scene


  • Fixed the velocity channel with json bgeo files

  • Fixed missing error message when a bgeo file fails to load

  • Fixed issues when reading some obj files


  • Fixed broken files when converting with data window to 16-bit


  • Fixed issues with the installer when setting environment variables

  • The vrayRenderer.xml file is installed on wrong location under OSX

  • Fixed the GUI installer mode on OS X 10.11

  • Artifacts from the bucket brackets in VFB on Retina displays


  • The "Enable Overrides" Maya attribute from "Drawing Overrides" was ignored

  • Surface luminance node was causing wrong lighting render elements
  • The viewport color attribute of some V-Ray nodes didn't work in Viewport 2.0
  • If Maya is loaded from arbitrary location, clicking the folder icon (browse dialog) of the AE for V-Ray nodes, didn't work

  • Fixed the V-Ray shelf creation issue on some systems caused by XGen

  • Fixed various small issues with the Light Lister

  • Fixed crash with Yeti and velocity render element

  • Fixed rendering issue with Yeti and primary visibility turned off

  • The image plane was rendered even if it is not part of the current render layer