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Date – July 14, 2015

DownloadBuild 3.10


New Features


  • Added support for Maya 2016 and the new Hypershade features (lookdev, Node & Material Viewer)

  • Added support for rendering Bifrost liquids as isosurface (without meshing) in Maya 2016 (Windows and Linux)

  • Added support for native Maya 2015 UDIM/UTILE and PTex textures

  • Added the ability to specify a list or range of frames to be rendered

  • Added a "V-Ray Quick settings" dialogue for quick access to common rendering settings (like GI and rendering quality)

  • Added a "V-Ray Light Lister" dialogue to quickly manage all lights on the scene

  • Added "Object select" render element which allows to extract objects with specific IDs into a separate element

  • Added support for Cubic 6x1 and Spherical Panorama cameras


  • New helper for stereoscopic rendering (including shade maps)


  • New geometric object for creating cutaway and section renders using planes


  • New helper object for lighting analysis


  • Added better methods for generating viewport preview meshes based on mesh simplification

  • Support for hair and particle instances

  • Support for Ogawa Alembic files instancing

  • Support for point cloud export and rendering


  • Support for the VRayFastSSS2 material


  • Support for using the light cache for GPU rendering

  • Support for coherent tracing (may improve rendering performance)

  • Support for subdivision and displacement

  • Support for hair and VRayFur

  • Support for VRayMtl anisotropy

  • Support for material override

  • Support for the UDIM/UVTILE tag textures

  • Implemented QMC sampling for CUDA engine

  • Initial support for texture baking

  • Initial support for rendering VRayDirt textures

  • Initial support for Light/Shadow linking

  • Support for the Plus/Minus texture

  • Support for the Multiply/Divide texture

  • Support for the HsvToRgb texture

  • Support for the blendColors texture

  • Support for the setRange texture

  • Support for the Remap HSV/RGB/Value textures

  • Support for the VRayTemperature texture


  • Support for conversion of particles from .geo and .bgeo files


  • can assign separate DR nodes to different processor groups

.vrmesh Viewer

  • Added a .vrmesh viewer tool for previewing .vrmesh and Alembic files in a standalone OpenGL application (Windows and Linux)


Modified Features


  • Reduced light cache leaks through a new parameter "Leak prevention"

  • New default settings for the light cache

  • The default GI engines were change to brute force/light cache

  • "Clamp ray intensity" is now on by default

  • The Progressive sampler is now on by default

  • Embree is now enabled by default

  • Moved some Render Settings/DMC sampler options into an advanced section

  • Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the Render settings

  • The render mask can work now with transparent and not visible to the camera objects

  • Setting the Global subdivs multiplier to 0.0 does not affect the irradiance map and other reflection/refraction interpolation maps

  • Added a new button for running imapviewer right from the Maya GUI

  • Temporary .vrscenes are now automatically deleted from DR machines after rendering

  • Improved the .vrscene parsing speed

  • Support for single channel tiled exr textures

  • Support for 2-channel PNG textures (gray + alpha)

  • Faster adaptive sampling in dark areas when color mapping gamma is 2.2

  • Optimized the geometry export

  • VRay nodes now don't use same names on different hierarchy levels

  • VRay nodes now show their icons in the Outliner

  • Allow custom location of the the temp files for the DR pool list (using env var VRAY_FOR_MAYA_DRLISTS_PATH)

  • Allow custom location of the temporary DR .vrscene files (using the TMPDIR and VRAY_VRSCENE_LOCATION env vars)

  • Error message is now shown, if the user is starting RT-GPU and V-Ray Standalone can't find any suitable GPU for rendering

  • The "vray objectProperties add_single/add_multiple" commands return now the name/s of the created VRayObjectProperties nodes

  • Added a swatch preview in the AE for volumetrics

  • Added an environment variable to disable the color correction during writing (using env var VRAY_WRITE_COLOR_CORRECTIONS)

  • Simplified the UI for VRayMtl, VRayMtlHair3, VRayFastSSS2 and VRaySkinMtl

  • Added a filtering option to the "Material Id" render element

  • The material select render element can work with "Volume Material" assigned to Shading Groups

  • Improved the precision of mapping for 3D textures with long thin triangles

  • Removed the "Edit UV Placement" in the Render Settings/Environment Override

  • Allow to override the environment texture for secondary rays from matte objects

V-Ray / V-Ray RT

  • Frameless progressive and RT rendering (which provides earlier preview passes)

V-Ray RT

  • The lock render buffer option was removed

  • Added "Show statistics" option


  • Added support for Falloff texture in VRayVRmatMtl

  • Cleaner glossy reflections from area lights

  • Optimized system CPU memory usage for bitmap textures


  • Added a "Local ray caster" V-Ray extra attribute to allow instancing of view-independent subdivision and displacement (saves memory)

  • 2D displacement now works with texture tiles

VRayHair & VRayFur

  • Faster rendering
  • Can now be accelerated by Embree


  • Added support for vray_subsurface() closure

  • Added support for vray_hair() closure


  • Optimized the rendering performance


  • Added "Multiply by front diffuse" attribute


  • Better contrast function that preserves the black and white points

  • The render region coordinates are stored normalized to the image size

  • The "Edit comment" window appears under the mouse cursor when shown

  • The "Close" button in the "Edit comment" window was changed to "Save and close"

  • Can be zoomed in/out with the regular +/-/* keys (useful for remote access from mobile devices)


  • Added a "scale" parameter that allows to adjust the scale relative to which the curvature is measured

  • Added support for float texture for the sample spread radius

  • Improved the rendering speed


  • Added support for VRayFur

  • Added support for accessing named UVW and color sets


  • Added support for box and cylinder shapes


  • Added an option to show the dome texture multiplied by the light intensity in the viewport

VRayRectLight / VRayMeshLight

  • The "ignore light normals" option was removed from the UI

Python scene access

  • Allow using unicode strings as arguments

  • Added new exportNode() command


  • Support for importing multiple proxies at once

  • Added ability to use the alembic default velocity as a color channel

  • Alembic scalar channels are now packed into colors in order to be renderable with V-Ray Vertex Colors

  • Added a "Flip Axis" option

  • Same proxy files are now automatically instantiated


  • Added a new uvw coordinate method that uses the rgb channel from the grid (similar to Maya fluids)

  • Added an option to use probabilistic shading also for production rendering

Maya fluids

  • Support for mappable "Input Bias" attribute


  • Added support for rendering Bifrost particles in Maya 2016 (Windows and Linux)

V-Ray Standalone

  • Added a "skip existing frames" option (must be set on the render client)

  • Unknown command-line options will now cause an error

  • Added the ability to override any .vrscene parameter from the command line


  • Added information about the V-Ray DR server build number


  • Added Alembic frame offset output to the files

  • Added -oneFramePerFile option to export specified frames to separate files

  • Added -pointSize option to allow generation of point clouds

  • Write build date and the command line information to the .vrmesh files


  • The -info option now prints a message if the file is partially written

Lens analyzer

  • Added ability to generate texture for physical camera distortion map


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crash with dynamic meshes with changing number of vertices and motion blur

  • Fixed wrong rendering of dynamic geometry with opacity using Embree

  • Fixed a crash when loading Alembic files containing particles with invalid positions

  • Fixed hang if cancelling the render during irradiance map calculation phase with distributed rendering

  • Fixed unhandled exception when doing distributed rendering an animation with any of the irradiance map incremental modes

  • Fixed hang when using moving camera and irradiance add to current map

  • Fixed wrong rendering with irradiance map in animation mode (which caused different rendering in DR)

  • Fixed crash with the geometry plugin cache when used with OpenSubdiv

  • Fixed crash if no license was found and there is a VrayFur or Maya Hair on the scene

  • Fixed crash with undo delete displacement in a specific situations

  • Fixed crash with undo create animated proxy

  • Fixed undo creating/removing VRay sets

  • Show proper error message if it the .vrscene export fails

  • The "Receive shadows" option in "Render Stats" was not working

  • When the caustics search distance is 0, treat it as infinity

  • Fixed wrong camera data in single channel exr files

  • Fixed black pixels in the material select RE when AA filter is off

  • The 2D/3D placement extra attributes didn't work properly if empty uv sets are present in the mesh

  • The standalone shell scripts didn't work if V-Ray is installed in a directory with spaces (Linux/OSX)

  • The output finename was truncated after double underscores "__" symbol when rendering via Render.exe

  • The scene file name was not recognized properly if it has more than one "."

  • Newly created VRayFastSSS2 and VRayHair3 materials were not assigned correctly because of naming convention issues

  • Directly connecting the uvCoord children of textures exported via desc.txt didn't work

  • Fixed the "Don't save RGB channel" option in "Render Settings"

  • Deep 16-bit OpenEXR alpha values bounced between 1.0 and 0.99951 when viewed in Nuke

  • Matte objects didn't render as mattes in the lighting render elements when using ambient and directional lights

  • The Atmospheric Effects render element was not exported with Deep OpenEXR format

  • Fixed a crash when V-Ray tries to print very long messages for some reason (reported to happen with Deadline and particular Windows 8 version)

  • Fixed a crash with .dds textures on Linux

  • The "Orthographic Width" of the camera was not animated properly

V-Ray / V-Ray RT CPU

  • Removed occurring bright pixels with progressive sampling

V-Ray RT

  • Changes to the material of Maya hair were ignored

  • Changes to the Fog bias attribute of the VRayMtl were ignored

  • Changes to the Self-Illumination attribute of the VRayMtl were ignored

  • Fixed crash when using VraySwitchMtl

  • Fixed crash when the RT animation render is cancelled

  • Changes to the assignment of volume shader to a material and the volume shader itself were ignored

  • RT stopped to update if materials/textures connected to a blend material are changed

  • Changes to Displacement control were not detected

  • Changes to VRayMtlRenderStats were not detected


  • Fixed crash when restarting the rendering session

  • Fixed wrong reflection/refraction rendering with VRayVRmatMtl

  • Fixed wrong shading with mapped reflection glossiness

  • Instanced dome lights with different transformations rendered wrong

  • Rectangle lights were producing incorrect shadow when lit by another rectangle light

  • VRayLights direct light was clamped with Max ray intensity value

  • VRayLights did not appear in VRaySelfIllumination render element

  • Added support for procedural textures attached to VRayLights

  • Camera vignetting was applied on directly visible VRayLights in the Alpha channel

  • Fixed crash when UVW coordinates are invalid

  • Fixed crash with refractive overlapping faces

  • Color Gain and Color Offset were not applied to environment textures

  • The bump slots in VRayCarPaintMtl were not working

  • The Wrap U/V of the place2dTexture were ignored

  • Fixed the refraction fog color of the VRayMtl

  • Fixed the double sided option of the VRayMtl (was always on)

  • Fixed wrong shading on object with hidden faces

  • V-Ray lights did not appear in the Self-Illumination RE

  • Objects with negative scale were rendered black with motion blur

  • Adjusting a dome light caused full geometry rebuild

  • Assigning a new material to any object causes full geometry rebuild

  • The dome lights was invisible if Physical camera is on

  • The UVs of Maya procedural textures were wrong

  • Fixed artifacts and/or crashes with many render elements

  • Fixed crash with VRayOSLMtl

  • Fixed crash with on scenes with more than 100 lights

  • Select OpenCL devices for V-Ray RT GPU was not working on Windows 8.1


  • Curve color correction control is not updated when loading from file

  • Fixed messed image when switching from large image to a smaller one during comparison

  • Some color correction parameters' values were not resetting

  • The RGB color is still restored from the lens effects source, even if the lens effects mode is "Render elements only"

  • Switching Bloom effect on and of didn't have any effect when Glare is on

  • Fixed crash caused by NaN output values with Curve color correction

  • Fixed wrong time stamp when loading images from history

  • Apply color corrections even when rendering to file

  • History Note window was growing in height every time it is opened

  • Fixed random Maya freeze when using the "Stop" button

  • Fixed artifacts on Retina displays with production rendering

  • Fixed maximizing issue when changing the focus between LensFX on Maya 2015

  • Frame stamp settings were reset to default when render is started

  • The VFB gamma correction settings were still applied, even when the VFB is turned off and Maya's Render View is used


  • Fixed wrong physical camera distortion when distortion map is used

  • Bitmap aperture was producing black/incorrect renders

  • The LENS file open dialogue was missing ".vrlens files"


  • Fixed wrong shadows with opacity of VRayMtl in VRay2sidedMtl in VRayBlendMtl

  • Fixed GTR/GGX wrong results when GTR tail falloff is different from 2.0

  • Fixed GTR/GGX invalid results with glossiness value of 1.0

  • Fixed GTR/GGX with soften edge

  • Fixed crash when connecting a color to to the vrayBumpNormalCamera/vrayBumpNormalObject output of a Sampler Info node


  • The back side was always rendered black


  • VRaySwitchMtl, VRayMtlWrapper and VRayMtlRenderStats didn't work as "Base Material"


  • Fixed crash when rendering with Object-based illumination map

  • Fixed wrong rendering with prepass mode and motion-blurred subdivided/displaced objects

  • The render layer name was always included in the .vrsssmap file name (instead of checking for a <layer> token)

  • Fixed splotches with GI and reflections


  • Fixed wrong shading results when blended with VRayBlendMtl


  • Fixed wrong alpha with "Multiply Color By Opacity"

  • Fixed rendering with VRayVertexColor and direct illumination on

  • Nodes with direct illumination were completely removed from the scene if the "primary visibility" option of the VRayObjectProperties is turned off

  • When direct illumination is on, "Visible in reflections" from the "Render Stats" was not taken into account for objects with VRayObjectProperties


  • Fixed missing swatch properties

  • Fixed MEL error when assigning materials in the shaders list if more then one Attribute Editor is opened


  • Fixed Attribute Editor layout on Linux


  • The scatter radius textures was ignored


  • The OSL transform to world space didn't work properly

  • gettextureinfo function can now properly detect if a texture is connected to a sampler parameter

  • Ffixed random crashes on Windows 8.1


  • Fixed Maya freeze when using shaders containing empty lines


  • Fixed wrong rendering with small scale scenes

  • Fixed a crash when used with VRayFur


  • Fixed result affected by the geometry inside the shaded object when invert normal is enabled

  • Fixed slow rendering with complex displacement


  • Added missing "Alpha is Luminance" attribute

  • Optimized the rendering speed when the inside/outside separate options are off

  • Fixed Attribute Editor layout on Linux


  • Fixed crash when empty particle systems are used
  • Fixed Attribute Editor layout on Linux


  • Fixed wrong rendering in the Standalone and DR

VRayWater / Wood

  • Fixed difference in rendering on OSX


  • Fixed an error while creating from the "Create from VRay plugin" menu


  • Fixed freeze with static subdivision and tiled textures when the displacement map is missing

  • Fixed artifacts with "cached normals" on displaced objects with "subdivision" method

Surf. Luminance

  • Optimized the rendering speed when multiple outputs are used


  • Wrong lighting with 3d/projected textures


  • Connecting an image into the alpha was not working when the "Multiply by The Color" is enabled

  • Fixed light target reset when the light is re-selected


  • Fixed a bug where the locator was randomly resized on node creation and .ies file loading

  • Fixed wrong locator scale if invalid .ies path is specified


  • VRay was attempting to load and check the Dome texture even if "Use Dome Tex" is off

  • The Dome texture preview was disappearing from the viewport with some camera settings

Spot Light

  • Fixed animation of the cone angle and falloff attributes

Ambient Light

  • Disabled the specular contribution


  • The azimuth and altitude attributes were not updated properly in animation


  • Fixed crash with displacement when no vertex normals are present

  • When importing an animated proxy where the first frames are empty, the UV sets were not created

  • Fixed crash with alembic files with missing face indices/uvs due improper export

  • Fixed various small issues with the proxy import window

  • The extra UV sets from Alembic files exported from Exocortex Crate were not recognized

  • Fixed wrong transform interpolation with specific alembic file

  • Fixed the restore of color sets when "Show whole mesh" is used

  • Fixed crashes/wrong rendering of meshes with empty edges

  • ParticleSamplerInfo colors were not working when proxies were used in with Maya Instancer

  • The proxy was rendered semi-transparent when geometry samples are higher than 2

  • Alembic Object ID override was not taken into account if subdivision is used

  • Fixed crash with motion blur and VRayVertexColor texture used as a texture for a mesh light

  • Fixed crash with degenerated triangles using the same vertex 2 times

  • Fixed slow OpenSubdiv subdivision for proxies with many voxels

Image planes with "Display Mode" set to "None"

  • Causing issues with the reflection environment texture


  • Fixed wrong rendering with bigger distribution Per Face(Area) values

  • Fixed difference in rendering on OSX

Hair Systems

  • Fixed crashes with Yeti

  • Fixed missing hair caps with Embree in some rare cases


  • Fixed wrong result if the node is rotated


  • Fixed fatal error when rendering with motion blurred gizmos

  • The light mode was not working with ray marching (i.e. with textures attached)

  • Don't ignore template geometry when it's used as a gizmo

  • Hide the "Simplify textures for GI" option form the AE, since it was not working properly and is unnecessary

  • Fixed wrong rendering with invisible lights or objects with primary visibility off


  • Fixed random buckets in the shadows with the "Volumetric Geometry" mode and incandescence with constant opacity

  • The lights didn't work with the VRayLightSelect render element

  • Fixed wrong rendering of rotated OpenVDB files

  • Fixed loss of detail with OpenVDB

  • Fixed slow rendering with light cache and the Progressive sampler

  • Ramp points at position 0 with value 0 and linear interpolation were not always saved in the scene file


  • Removed the dependency on XGen libraries, which were causing V-Ray for Maya to now load without the XGen plugin

  • The custom V-Ray Attributes (like hair tessellation) were not read correctly in Maya batch

  • Fixed slow export with many instances

  • Fixed rendering in batch when there are spaces in path to scene


  • Children of an instanced node, were not rendered if they were after an unsupported node in the hierarchy


  • Fixed a MEL error message when selecting nodes with not unique short names

  • Added a drop-down for selecting UV sets from a list similar to the Render Settings dialog

Texture Baking

  • Fixed missing reflections from environment

  • Allow float values for the world space resolution in the PTex baking dialog

Python scene access

  • Fixed setting a list of textures parameter

  • Fixed crash when trying to read empty strings parameters

Maya Fluids

  • Fixed invalid colors with Light Cache GI and negative emission

VRayPlane / VRayMetaball

  • Reflections/Refractions were always turned on when loading a scene

VRayToon / VRayMetaball

  • The "Create Render Node" dialogue for the textures now show all possible textures


  • The line width texture was not exported properly

  • Fixed the texture controls in the AE

  • Fixed rendering with transparent geometry

Viewport 2.0

  • Reduces slow down with instanced V-Ray lights (bug in Maya)

  • V-Ray materials were rendered black in batch mode

  • Fixed artifacts in with mapped opacity in VRayMtl and background environment

  • The environment texture preview was not working

  • Fixed issues with the dome texture preview

  • V-Ray RT in viewport was crashing if there is no interactive license

  • The Metaball locator and mesh preview were rendered black when two sided lighting is off

  • Fixed slowdown when refreshing V-Ray materials with complicated textures even if they are not actually rendered

V-Ray Standalone

  • The RT max sample level argument was ignored in DR with no local rendering


  • Fixed conversion of .prt (Krakatoa) files with many particles

  • Fixed conversion from Alembic particles, that was causing crash during rendering

  • Fixed crash with particular binary ply file