This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Next for Maya help for most up-to-date information.


Date – July 7, 2014

Download – No longer available


New Features

Render Settings

  • "Render mask" option to (re)render only a subset of the scene nodes


Modified Features

  • Optimized rendering performance with tiled textures

  • Optimized primary visibility with maya hair and vray proxies

  • Reduced the memory usage for hair and particles

  • An IOR parameter for the VRayEnvironmentFog shader

  • Help messages for the vrend MEL command
  • Remove the pre-render export (and the MAYA_DISABLE_BATCH_RUNUP env variable) when using the "Use camera path" GI option

  • Disable clamping of velocity render element by default

  • Option to manually clear the geometry and bitmap cache

  • Ability to use OS native browser when Importing V-Ray proxy

  • Automatically connect a placeEnvTex to a file node for a material environment override


  • the default cuttoff threshold is now 0.001 instead of 0.01 for new materials

VRayFastSSS2/ VRaySkinMtl

  • Optimized raytraced multiple scattering


  • Support for alembic hair uvs


  • Option to multiply the intensity by the opacity

Render Settings

  • The "Clear render view" option should be renamed to "Clear frame buffers" and work also with the VFB

Sampler Info

  • New extra V-Ray attribute to specify which UV set should be returned from the uv output


  • Swaps vertex-color-channel-names during the conversion

  • Doesn't transfer vertex colors with houdini mesh

  • Print the number of (preview) hair/particles with the "-info" option


  • Print information about the rendered region in the image with the "-info" option


Bug Fixes

  • NURBS surfaces do not generate velocity information
  • Shutter efficiency uses wrong formula
  • The progressive sampler doesn't update properly the Maya's progress bar
  • Light mesh crashes with animated alembic meshes when the topology changes

  • The Maya render view updates slower than the VFB

  • Disabling cached geometry leads to crashes on Linux

  • Invisible lights show up with global volumetrics

  • Different naming convention for multichannel EXR

  • Folders are created when vray is set not to save images

  • TexRemap animated color position outputs wrong value

  • Incorect velocity render element when converting to a Polygon Dynamic Mesh

  • Crash with velocity render element and Maya hair, when motion blur is off

V-Ray RT

  • Renderable curves param changes are not detected

  • Changing the shader of VTayMtlOSL while RT is running crashes Maya

  • Changing the Color Space parameters of OCIO texture is not detected

  • Using -rtsamplelevel with the command line leads to very slow calculations

  • Crash with 2d pan and zoom


  • Maya crashes when an image is being deleted/removed from the render history


  • Alembic particles and hair imported as proxies don't render with VRayMtl

  • .vrmesh files with hairs do not quite respect the dynamic memory limit

  • Crash during the export, if the mesh has color set selected for velocity

  • Clipped particles when motion blur is on


  • Fatal error building the scene if connected shape-node is deleted/removed


  • The ASGVIS V-Ray plugins are missing from the OSX installation causing inability to render ASGVIS vismats

Maya fluids

  • Locity render element and Maya hair, when motion blur is off

  • Rendering issues with adaptive grid and motion blur

  • The Shadow Opacity was not working like with Mental Ray


  • When doing a maya batch render (from the UI) no instanced XGen geometry is rendered