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Date – June 5, 2014

Download – No longer available


New Features

  • Support for Maya 2015 (Windows and Linux)
  • Support for direct rendering of XGen splines and archives in Maya 2015
  • Support for Open Shading Language with two new nodes - VRayOSLMtl and VRayOSLTex
  • Support for rendering Bifrost meshes and materials

  • VRayFur styler (Alpha)


  • Added VRayPointParticleMtl material for shading point particles from .vrmesh/Alembic files

Modified Features

  • Simplify the user interface

  • Added a "Min shading rate" prameter in the image sampler to control the number of rays shot for AA versus rays for other effects

  • Added a "Divide shading subdivs" parameter in the image sampler to prevent V-Ray from balancing shading subdivs vs AA subdivs for those users that find it confusing

  • Added light multiplier to the VRayMtlHair3

  • Faster release of memory when using tiled OpenEXR or TIFF textures

  • Faster release of memory on Windows with subdivision surfaces after a render is complete

  • Faster export of Maya hair

  • "Speed" and "Velocity" outputs for the samplerInfo node

  • Sort the render elements list by alphabetical order

  • Store the number of samples in the SamplerRate render element for progressive sampler and RT

  • Material select render element is now able to take a set as an input

  • Intel Embree now supports proxies and instances

  • Intel Embree now requires only SSE2 instructions which means it supports older AMD processors

  • Enable fresnel for VRayMtl by default

  • Support for exporting list of specific nodes with the vrend command

  • Redirected all help links to the new official help web site

  • Print warning when trying to save an image to a location without write rights

  • Support for indexed tga files

  • Deep output from the VRayEnvironmentFog and Maya fluids

  • "Density" and "Frequency" attributes of the Maya noise texture are now mappable

  • Texture filtering extra attributes for the image planes

V-Ray RT

  • Enable the rendering of particle systems
  • Improved refresh rate and pixel throughput


  • Native support for Maya Noise Tex
  • Native native support for Maya Solid Fractal


  • When the "mono" button of the VFB is pressed, the computed intensity is now based on the selected R/G/B components only
  • Added support for the "track mouse" option while rendering for progressive sampling and V-Ray RT
  • Print the coordinates of the VFB region, while the user is drawing it
  • Write the frame stamp into OpenEXR files metadata
  • Color correction that allows a background image to be loaded
  • Delayed loading of VFB history preview images


  • Optimize scene loading times with many VRayMesh nodes
  • Optimized preview voxel loading
  • Added support for hair and particles color channels from Alembic
  • Option to flip normals for Alembic files

  • Option to render particles as points

  • Option to enable/disable Alembic full names support in the visibility lists

  • Support for render layer override for visibility lists


  • Option to turn the reflection/refraction trace sets into inclusive sets
  • Ability to turn on/off the projection mapping with the "matte for secondary rays" option


  • Display the exact bounding box in the viewport 
  • Show information about the available channels 
  • Support for displacement 
  • Support for additional lights 
  • Added support for more render elements


  • Add a -velocityOffset parameter that allows to move the starting positions along the velocity vectors

Bug Fixes

  • Metaballs do not work with object ID

  • Matte objects don't render as mattes in the lighting render elements

  • For 3D textures used as displacement textures on subdivided objects, the evaluation point is not on the subdivided mesh

  • Show VRmat Editor button is not working with Maya 2015

  • Wrong reflections when disabling visible in reflections from the RenderStats tab

  • Wrong output with remapHSV and input constraints

  • Invalid colors with simple fog and ramp texture

  • Camera Dof is not being updated when render animation

  • Rendering with V-Ray corrupts the Maya UI for non-English versions of Maya

  • Camera Pre Scale and Post Scale are not working with V-Ray Physical camera

  • The material swatch background is black if V-Ray settings node is not created

  • V-Ray lights render wrong with Embree if ray packets are used

  • Setting Curvature threshold to 0 for NURBS object freezes the rendering

  • Maya Contrast shading node could produce invalid colors when input texture value is outside 0-1

  • Light Select RE is deleted when using optimize scene size or delete unused nodes

  • Undoing V-Ray lights translation offsets the light target

  • V-Ray material ID attributes added to VRayHair3Mtl applied to Maya hair does not work

  • Fixed more cases of stuck buckets with GI

  • Crash when connecting V-Ray plugin texuture's "alpha from intensity" into Reflection glossiness of the VrayMtl

  • Crash with Maya fluids

  • Crash when rendering deformed particles

  • Occasional crashes when rendering swatches

  • Crash when creating nodes from some V-Ray plugins

  • Crash when initializing VRay for Maya 2014 on machines which do not support Viewport 2.0

  • Crash when initializing if VRAY_FOR_MAYANNNN_MAIN_x64 is undefined

  • Crash with vector displacement and PlusminusAverage node

  • Dome light with non-uniform scaling renders incorrect

  • VRayMeshMtl shading group attributes are ignored


  • Fails to render properly if there are multiple objects in the file and VRayDisplacement is attached to the proxy
  • Fixed wrong rendering of multiple instances with particles/hairs
  • The offset in the Alembic file was ignored
  • Additional 2D/3D placement attributes for UV set name do not work for VRayMesh with displacement/subdivision
  • Use full names alembic option does not work for the shader list
  • Velocities should be taken into an account for alembic mesh bounding box computation


  • Appears without its panel if it has been closed during the export phase
  • The Lens Effects were not applied to images loaded from the history
  • 2d pan and zoom doesn't work in RT if the VFB uses a region
  • "Hide render view" is not working if the vrayformaya plugin was loaded using userSetup.mel
  • Lens effects on images from the history is not working without at least on render
  • Freeze at render start with memory frame buffer and very large resolutions


  • Maya crashes if omni/diretional light gets included in the exclude list of reflections/refractions sets

  • Visibility lists are not dimmed when thr object properties are disabled

  • The "disable" attribute do not work for the primary visibility and for fluids

  • Matterial attributes inside referenced nodes are ignored until changed

VRayVolumeGrid / Maya Fluids

  • Different buckets in distributed rendering mode with light cache


  • Raytraced subdivs parameter doesn't work, missing extra attributes

Random MEL script error

  • Cannot find procedure "updateMayaSoftwareImageFormatControl"

Progressive sampler

  • Does not create valid .vrimg files;

  • ExtraTex render elements render incorrectly with undersampling

V-Ray RT

  • Applies color corrections to the Render View if VFB was once opened

  • Rendering Animation with RT is not affected by Render Elements settings

  • Disable the "use pixel aspect" option for the Viewport RT

  • Fixed the bounding box option for the selected objects in Viewport RT with Maya 2014 and above

  • Low cpu utilization if there are sections in the images that have been finished

  • Stretched image in Standalone RT

  • RT doesn't detect removing the physical camera attributes

  • RT doesn't start if render is cancelled before frame update finishes

  • V-Ray unloads textures when starting a RT render even when bitmap caching is enabled

  • The noise threshold doesn't work correctly


  • Crash if the card uses newer architecture that the supported by V-Ray
  • MayaLightDirect doesn't apply intensity to color
  • LightSelect RE renders wrong
  • Direct light render element is black if GI depth is 0
  • Standalone crashes when missing CUDA/OpenCL device. It shoult fallback to RT/CPU in such case
  • Alpha gain and alpha offset are not working with procedural textures


  • Fixed batch conversion output names generation


  • Creates an alpha channel even if the input image does not have one

  • Writes wrong pixel aspect