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Date – August 26, 2014

Download – No longer available


New Features


  • Added support for ray tracing with Embree


Modified Features

  • Added the V-Ray version string to the .vrscene file

  • Added a -displayOCIO command-line option and VRAY_VFB_OCIO environment variable to turn on the OCIO color correction in the VFB

  • Added support for the Maya's FilePathEditor with the VRayMesh
  • Save the log file from vray(.exe) started as server in a file in the temp folder

  • Abort rendering on missing asset now works also with missing GI caches

  • Improved UI when working with sets in VRayToon, VRayDirt, VRayDistance, etc

  • Added V-Ray shelf with most things from the Create -> V-Ray menu

  • Print information about the number of lights in the scene to the V-Ray log

  • More efficient calculation of the AA mask for the progressive rendering

  • Reduced memory usage with many rectangle lights using the same texture

  • Ability to add the "Skip render" attribute to VRayObjectProperties node

  • Adjust the OpenSubdiv attribute names to be different then the standard V-Ray ones

  • Always clear the frame buffer between frames when the render mask is enabled

  • Added ability to write multi-part OpenEXR images

  • Updated the OpenEXR library to 2.2.0

  • Added popup menu for the "Post translate python script" in the Render Settings


  • Made the buttons for saving an image into a drop-down with three buttons

  • Display color corrections (sRGB, LUT etc) are now applied when writing to 8-bit color formats (PNG, JPG etc);

  • Ability to select the render camera by right-clicking in the VFB window


  • New built-in functions: sinh, cosh, tanh, frexp, lit, fresnel


  • New render controls that allow proper rendering of FumeFX imported files


  • Added GGX reflection brdf

VRayCarPaintMtl and VRayFlakesMtl

  • Added reflection depth limit


  • Added ability to animate the color of XGen archives through expressions


  • Take into account the AA filter settings as much as possible


  • added an option to merge two or more .vrmesh files into one


  • The -info option now prints a message if the file is partially written

  • Added -multiPart option to that produces an OpenEXR 2 file with each render element in its own "part"


Bug Fixes

  • Transferring assets does not transfer vrsssmap files

  • EXR textures are always loaded as 32-bit floating point

  • Low precision of 32-bit tiled EXR

  • Slow rendering of subdivision surfaces in certain cases

  • Difference in interpretation of alpha when using files without alpha channel

  • Connecting an image into RectLight's alpha is not working

  • Moving a layered texture slot connected to VRayPluginNodeTex crashed Maya

  • Maya crashed if a scene was loaded while V-Ray was still rendering

  • Fixed slower rendering when using Maya's Render View compared to using the VFB

  • Progressive sampling + DR + "Don't render final image" did not finish rendering

  • V-Ray materials did not respect the display/render layers for the lights in Viewport 2.0

  • When "Use irradiance map option" of a diffuse material was turned off, Maya crashes

  • V-Ray crashed when the "Flake map size" option for the FlakesMtl or CarPaintMtl was too large

  • Fixed various issues with VRayMtl on back-facing surfaces

  • VRayCarPaintMtl and VRayFlakesMtl with flake glossiness 1.0 resulted in invalid colors

  • VRayUserColor didn't work with VRayLightMesh and VRayLightMtl material with "direct illumination" enabled

  • Exporter's memory was not deallocated with hair and "Use camera path"

  • "Use camera path" produced wrong result when used with "Camera and Aim" after beta 3

  • The dome camera didn't work with FOV bigger then 165 degrees

  • Fixed crash with spherical harmonics GI

  • Fixed wrong rendering with multiple VRaySoftbox textures on the same scene

  • Fixed crash with renderable curves

  • Fixed incorrect filter file names for V-Ray nodes in the various dialog boxes

  • Don't hide the RenderView when pressing the Stop button in the VFB and "Hide Render View" option is disabled

  • The Pause IPR button of the Render View was not working

  • The default VFB stamp font was too small on OSX

  • When proxy Alembic offset was on, animated proxies wouldn't render correctly

  • Fixed crashes with Embree in specific scene

  • The VRaySun went wild if moved along the object axis

  • Save and load dialogs didn't remember their last used paths

  • Undo didn't work for changing the material connection to VRayMeshMtl

V-Ray RT

  • Fixed slowdown with render elements when working in the viewport

  • Fixed random crashes when rendering motion blurred meshes with changing number of vertices

  • The RT server didn't start automatically on Fedora 20

  • The RT ignored VRayProxy animation when the timeline was scrubbed

  • Hiding VRayMetaballs node stopped the RT

  • Fixed crash if RT is frequently restarted


  • Fixed wrong VRayDirt in VRayExtraTex RE

  • Fixed crash with dome lights

  • Some render elements caused data shift in the wrong channel

  • The "Invert normals" option of VRayDirt had no effect on backside polygons

  • Maya Noise texture was broken with beta 3

  • Error API 700 with specific scene


  • Random crashes on Linux with the VFB history

  • Odd files in the history were saved when the save button was pressed a few times fast

  • .vrimg files without saved preview in history folder did not reflect srgb on/off state

  • Fixed the stand-alone VFB support on 64-bit Mac OS X

  • Fixed render region shift when another scene is opened

  • The VFB window was missing after you dock the panel and then reset the layout


  • Disabling the diffuse color renders black smoke

  • The bounding box is not visible in Viewport 2.0

  • Slow rendering with glossy reflections

  • Failure to load the cache file when using relative paths


  • Some VRayObjectProperties were not working with xgen archives

Distributed Rendering

  • 2.4 to 3.x DR-settings translation caused wrong ports for rendering


  • Fixed random crashes when rendering with "World Units"
  • Rendering with "World Units" produced random artifacts
  • Line width of 0.0 produced random artifacts


  • Fixed conversion hang with high poly count object

  • obj converted to vrmesh produced corrupt mesh in Maya when "Show whole mesh" or "Create a mesh from this proxy" were used


  • img2tiledexr and vrimg2exr don't start in GUI mode on OSX