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Date – October 16, 2014

Download – No longer available


New Features

Probabilistic Light Sampling


Modified Features


  • Improved the render speed when not using any render elements

  • Improved the Render Settings DR dialog

  • Made V-Ray compatible with Maya's filePathEditor. This change requires not using the '%' symbol in file names any more

  • Made DR asset transfer to work also with osl and simbiont files

  • Made it possible to set zero or negative Dynamic Memory limit, in order to specify the amount of memory V-Ray should not use

  • Added vector and transform attributes for automatically created shading nodes through desc.txt file

  • Improved the anaglyph stereoscopic preview to reduce retinal rivalry

  • Added a warning if the license is going to expire soon

V-Ray RT

  • Implemented more efficient calculation of the AA mask for the progressive render


  • Added ability to dock/lock History window

GGX brdf

  • Unify the look of the brdf in Maya and 3ds Max

  • The glossiness was rescaled for better control similar to the other brdfs

  • Added a parameter for controlling the tail size of the highlight

  • Added Viewport 2.0 support

  • Support exporting to vrmat


  • Make it possible to read named UVW channels and color sets


  • Reduced the memory usage with motion blur


  • Added an option to not affect the alpha


  • Line width can now be animated

Maya Fluids

  • Added support for mappable Input Bias for the Color, Incandescence and Opacity


  • Now registered as a node only on Windows, since it's not supported on Linux/OSX


  • Removed the parameter "Don't set normals" from the AE for Maya>=2013. It was fixing an issue with older Maya versions

  • Create proxy now exports UV map to the proxy preview mesh


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the UI of Spherical Harmonics GI to not flood the script editor with messages

  • Fixed a rare crash when computing mip-map levels for non-square texture

  • Fixed non-tiled bitmaps to not take more RAM than they actually need

  • Fixed V-Ray standalone to not always auto-save images in the history

  • Fixed a crash when overloading a material with the same one (from the V-Ray material override attributes)

  • Fixed incorrect rendering of volumetrics with are lights

  • Fixed a crash when image sampler max. subdivs are zero

  • Fixed a bug with the render region when RT is running in the viewport

  • GLSL shader parameters were not updated when rendering animation

  • PTex baking wasn't working properly in animation

  • PTex baking was producing images with wrong normals when looking from particular angles

  • Image sequence was broken with PTex textures

  • PTex textures were not automatically connecting a frame expression to the image sequence

  • PTex baking was starting to render, even if there is no image file name specified

  • V-Ray was still trying to render when local machine and all hosts are disabled for DR

  • Nurbs were crashing if V-Ray fails to evaluate them

  • NURBS didn't support changing the number of CVs in animation

  • Particle were crashing with the mountain lion OSX build

  • Particles were crashing when using the Sprite render type with motion blur

  • GI post-processing settings were applied even with disabled GI

  • V-Ray for Maya was producing incompatible irradiance maps in animation mode, which can't be used with the stand-alone/DR

  • VRayLightDome was not rendered when "Auto Render Clip Plane" for the camera is off

  • Opening VRayFastSSS2 map now excludes the frame number in the file name, since it's automatically appended by V-Ray

  • VRayMesh: alembic meshes exported from RealFlow didn't read velocity data when imported as proxy

  • VRayMesh: VRayVertexColors was not able to find the correct color set when using separate files for every frame

  • VRayMesh: fixed a crash with show whole mesh with specific hair alembic file

  • Fixed a freeze if a bitmap file name contains '<' and '>' right next to each other by mistake

  • VFB: Render view region was not rendered in the VFB

  • Fixed incorrect depth of deep images rendered with camera motion blur

V-Ray RT

  • Fixed showing of already unloaded proxies

  • Connecting material to the VRayMeshMaterial slot was replacing materials for non proxy objects

  • Fixed a crash when changing the environment color of a camera with image plane

  • Fixed an issue with the sub-pixel mapping option


  • Objects with primary visibility off were also not visible in the reflections

  • The Ramp texture was not working with OpenCL

  • Properly support the samplerInfo flipped normal mode

  • Fixed the uvCoord output of the samplerInfo texture

  • Fixed a crash with proxies without vertex normals

  • Fixed a crash when moving the time slider on a scene with velocity RE and motion blur turned off

V-Ray RT Viewport

  • Fixed various random crashes