Main Modules

The fourth lesson covers the wide range of materials and textures that come with V-Ray

  • Library Materials 
  • Generic Materials
  • Special case Materials
  • Procedural Textures 

Each section is annotated in the video. You can find scene files  and lesson guides with the same names in the Download assets & scenes section.

 These were made so that you can start at any one of these stages and follow the steps in the video to the end.




Bonus Modules

This lesson comes with 2 Bonus modules - Advanced Materials and Advanced Textures.

For each module, you can find a scene file with the same name in thDownload assets & scenes section.

1. Advanced Materials

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at some more specific materials as: Blend, Bump, Stochastic Flakes and Hair.




2. Advanced Textures

In this lesson, we will take a look at some more V-Ray texture types that you can use in your projects, such as: Dirt, Tri-Planar, Multi-Sub, Round edges.