Main Мodules

The second lesson covers the following topics:

  • Material override

  •  Sun & Sky

  •  Basic Camera

  •  Dome light setup

  •  V-Ray Proxy

  •  V-Ray Fur 

  •  Aerial perspective

  • High quality rendering
  • Night-time setup

Each section is annotated in the video. You can find scene files with the same names in the Download assets & scenes section.

These were made so that you can start at any one of these stages and follow the steps in the video to the end.




Bonus Мodules

This lesson comes with 5 Bonus modules. For each module there is a video, and a scene file with the same name in thDownload assets & scenes section.

1. Advanced sun and sky parameters

In this bonus video, we are going to look at some of the advanced sun and sky parameters.





2. Environment overrides

In the previous lesson, we looked at how we can adjust the V-Ray sky settings to change its look. In this lesson, we are going to change the sky completely using the Override environment settings.




3. Environment fog

In this lesson, let’s take look at how we can create a real ray traced fog for our scene.




4. Advanced Camera

In this section, we are going to use the night time lighting setup to understand how to adjust the camera and lighting to real world measurement values.




5. Render elements and Simple compositing

In this lesson, we’ll discuss Render Elements and Simple compositing.