Textures are maps that can be applied to Material parameters to alter their appearance. A number of textures can be procedurally generated to mimic the diffuse colors of various surfaces such as granite and marble. Other procedural textures can provide information like displacement, transparency, and ambient occlusion. V-Ray also offers a number of utility textures for blending and color correction.

They are all grouped into the following categories for ease of use:

  • General Purpose Textures – They offer common input for V-Ray materials.
  • Utility Textures – Utility textures provide a variety of helpful functions for inside the scene.
  • 2D Textures – The 2D texture maps offer different patterns used in many situations.
  • 3D Textures – The Standalone Material Editor offers a number of 3D texture maps mimicking real life surface variety.
  • Ray-Traced Textures – These texture maps present some important scene data for use in compositing.
  • Legacy Textures – The Legacy textures provide information on the deprecated textures in V-Ray.