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The V-Ray Standalone Material Editor is an application that creates, edits and saves materials into a .vrmat file format. This is a material format which can be used for rendering scenes in V-Ray for Revit, SketchUp, and Rhino.

The .vrmat is the default and preferred file type for the Standalone Material Editor. The .vismat file format can be opened, however, it is deprecated and may not be fully compatible.

Launching V-Ray Standalone Material Editor

To launch the Standalone Material Editor app, navigate to where V-Ray for Revit is installed, which is usually on the C: drive at the path shown below, and choose vrmateditor.exe. If you prefer easier access, create a shortcut after your first access.




You can also launch the V-Ray Standalone Material Editor through the V-Ray for Revit UI. To do so, use the Edit V-Ray Material button () located in the Material Map tab of the V-Ray Asset Browser. Note: This button is only accessible when the material type is set to V-Ray Material.


UI Layout

The User Interface contains a simple thumbnail preview under the standard menu options (File, Settings, Help). The image below and to the left shows the UI without a material loaded and therefore none of the parameters are visible. The image below and to the right shows the UI with a material loaded, which provides a preview of that material and the available settings organized in a Basic and Advanced tab.










New – Creates a new Generic material. 

Open – Opens an existing material for modification.

Save – Saves the current material overwriting its previous (or original) settings. 

Save As – Saves the current material to a different file name or location.

Exit – Closes the Standalone Material Editor. 



Collect External Assets on Save – Collects all the textures for the material and saves them to a folder called maps in the same location in which the material is saved.

Autosave Material on Change – Automatically saves every change made to the material.



Online Help – Brings you to the Chaos Group Online help site where you can find more information about V-Ray Standalone Material Editor.

About – Indicates the installed version of V-Ray Standalone Material Editor.